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Since 2003, OCEANIA NC has the honor of be selected to take on the challenge of all New Caledonia biggest crazy and amazing project. Nouméa's Illuminations are the biggest of them since 2017.

With an artistic and technical staging that evolves each year, supported by carefully chosen professional equipment, our technical teams work tirelessly annually to satisfy and surprise both young and old.

OCEANIA's teams require between 1 an 3 weeks to install everything that has been prepared, constructed, and invented over the past year.

This creates a fantastic, magical story for the tens of thousands of visitors each year. The Christmas spirit, year-end celebrations, magic, stars in children's eyes, smiles, surprises—it's all there!


More than 460 projectors, hundreds of professional decorations, tons of ice, kilometers of steel cables, 4 consoles, 24 speakers, 8 video projectors, 2 video servers, 100 m² of LED screens, 10 electrical boxes, 600 meters of fiber optic cable, 10 snow machines, 1 year of preparation among other things, are necessary for our magical projects on the famous Place des Cocotiers in Nouméa and also on Ste Marie Island.

For 4 weeks of installation, over 10 technicians work day and night. Some with cherry pickers and lifts, some with hats and gloves, others with harnesses and helmets, and still others with ladders to safely install thousands of cables for the public.

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