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The stages of our collaboration

OCEANIA and its technicians are here to support you throughout the development of your project.

Whether you need a stage, sound system, projectors, giant screen, video projection, regardless of the size of your event or your requirements, OCEANIA surely has what you need.

Here are a few steps to establish the requirements for your event:

  1. Following an initial meeting or email inquiry, we compile a preliminary list of equipment and services to be provided.

  2. An initial quote is prepared to outline and understand the requests along with their costs.

  3. Depending on the project, we create 3D plans of the venue and the project with realistic renderings for your validation or adjustments.

  4. We work together to finalize the requirements to ensure they are neither excessive nor insufficient.

  5. Once the services are approved, we propose a delivery, setup, rehearsal, and performance schedule until the trucks and technicians depart after dismantling.


  • Extraordinary and exclusive audio, lighting, video equipment, etc...

  • Reliable, professional equipment among the best in the world.

  • Passionate, innovative, reliable, courteous, respectful, and focused technicians.

  • A flawless 21-year track record of major shows in New Caledonia, Wallis, and Vanuatu.

  • Experience with over 2,500 successful performances.

  • Events ranging from 10 to 50,000 attendees.

  • Deliveries that are polished, beautiful, finished, and secure.

  • Adaptability until the last minute, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

  • All clients are equally important: Schools, international productions, institutions, associations, and individuals.

  • Competitive rates tailored to each project.

- What is the location ?

- How many people are your waiting for ?

- What do you need ? Audio, Light, Screen, Structure, Powering ?

- When ?

- Do you know the budget available ?

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 . Request on email - Meet

 . First Draws


- Does this fit within your budget ?

- Are you satisfed with the list of equipment ?

- Have we forgotten anything ?



 . 3D Simulation 


Plan arene 4.JPG
Plan arene 3.JPG

 . Final draws


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 .  .Successful performances


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